Saturday, NOVEMBER 2, at 8:00pm

La Sonora Ponceña 65th Anniversary


La Sonora Ponceña, one of the most popular tropical acts ever, was formed in 1954 by local musicians Enrique Lucca Caraballo and Antonio Santaella, who were previously playing in a band formed in 1944, called El Conjunto Internacional. In 1958, La Sonora Ponceña's first single was released, featuring "No Puede Ser" and "Tan Linda Que Era," making its first performance in the U.S. in September 1960, in New York City. By 1968, after they were joined by Caraballo's son, pianist Enrique Lucca Quiñonez, Jr., also known as Papo, La Sonora Ponceña made its first album, called Hacheros Pa' un Palo, featuring the Latin classic "Amor Verdadero."


Yolanda Rivera is considered one of the most famous leading singers of the La Sonora Ponceña, with songs like "Rumba en el Patio" and "Madrugador". Yolanda has taken her voice to the greatest stages of the world making her mark in the history of Salsa Culture where she receives great respect! Yolanda’s repertoire includes salsa, plena, bolero, guaguanco, son montuno and guaracha.


Since coming to NYC in the 1960’s they have continued to be one of the most anticipated Latin performances in the city. Now, coming to Lehman Center, they are sure to sell out and electrify the entire audience.



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